Meds Managed by RNs

  • Our nurses put patients at ease during nursing assessments. Here we can see our patient J.O. receiving a blood pressure check with a smile!

  • Take a look at our booth at the 2015 Boomers and Beyond Expo. This year's theme was "Honoring the Generations" and took place on the anniversary of D-Day

  • Our very own Anne Bakken, at a recent health fair held at Grace and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, promoting Medication Professionals!

  • Another happy patient, showing off her dog during a blood pressure check!

  • Here's a shot of our friend Claire Anderson, Executive Director of the Senior Resource Council, receiving a 2015 Rising Star award!

  • At each visit we assess Vitals Signs with measurement of blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Great shot from a local Colorado Springs health fair at Grace and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church on April 18, 2015!

  • Nursing assessments consist of listening to lung/breath sounds, heart sounds and observing for swelling/edema.

  • 2015 Rising Star Ceremony, hosted by the Colorado Springs Business Journal!

  • Patient instruction information is reviewed to assess patient's level of comprehension, then put into lay mans term for better understanding.

  • Celebrating the holidays at the Senior Resource Council's December meeting at the Cottonwood Arts Center!

  • We review doctor's orders and prescriptions after each medical appointment to confirm any new medication changes or need of testing.

With my Mom’s  increased Alzheimer’s dementia, we turned to Medication Professionals for help with wellness visits and medication management.  Before the first visit, Mom emphatically resisted outside help but stated she would go along with a single visit, “just this once...”


Who We Are:

A team of professional RNs to help manage your family members healthcare needs. We have a seasoned team who together have several years experience maneuvering through the maze of current healthcare issues. Our RNs have worked in the hospital environment, doctor office and community setting. They are able to communicate effectively and efficiently with other healthcare professionals.

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