Meds Managed by RNs

  • At each visit Vitals Signs are assessed with measurement of blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Nursing assessment can be completed at each visit with listening to lung/breath sounds, heart sounds and observing for swelling/edema.

  • Doctor's orders and prescriptions are reviewed after each medical appointment to confirm any new medication changes or need of testing.

  • Patient instruction information is reviewed to assess patient's level of comprehension and put into lay mans term for better understanding.

“I had a patient nurse relationship with Anne Bakken for over nine years and a personal friendship for nearly twelve years.   Anne was my cardiology nurse at Pikes Peak Cardiology before she became a clinical research nurse at the same facility.


Who We Are:

A team of professional RNs to help manage your family members healthcare needs. We have a seasoned team who together have several years experience maneuvering through the maze of current healthcare issues. Our RNs have worked in the hospital environment, doctor office and community setting. They are able to communicate effectively and efficiently with other healthcare professionals.

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